MVP of the Month


UnoMiru is the first-of-its-kind "Look Before You Book" platform, using VR-enabled AI technology to transform customer experiences. Whether it's fine dining or a favorite co-office spot, our pre-look and book option provides guests with a sense of relief and satisfaction, enhancing engagement and decision-making across the globe. Experience seamless virtual tours that bring your future visits to life.


Arrive Chat is a multilingual digital assistant that handles all hotel reception queries through a friendly chat interface. Whether you need help with room service, local recommendations, or simply have a question about the hotel, Arrive Chat is here to assist you 24/7 in your preferred language. So sit back, relax, and let Arrive Chat take care of all your hotel needs.

Starda Enterprise

Starda is the premier online marketplace for the electronics import industry, catering specifically to innovators and product developers. Access open-source drone blueprints, collaborate on ideas, and purchase quality components from vetted suppliers. Starda accelerates your project from concept to creation, empowering small to medium-sized enterprises to expand their business network and bring inventions to life efficiently.


KASFUNDS, a cutting-edge machine learning platform, optimizes credit scoring by analyzing financial histories, enhancing loan eligibility for individuals. It empowers employers to offer competitive benefits such as lower interest rates and automated salary deductions for loan repayments. By partnering with employers, KASFUNDS addresses loan acquisition challenges, providing significant advantages in the financial sector.


AVAdzines aims to offer an industry-leading interior design and home renovation app for the DIY and Professional markets. This platform will incorporate the newest technologies, such as AR, AI, and VR, to streamline the process of redesigning or renovating spaces around your home or office. In addition, AVAdzines offers budget optimization and building code features, as well as a database of pre-vetted contractors to make any design project a breeze.

Emaar Energy Inc.

Emaar Platform is a one-stop marketplace for all businesses that seek to make the process of procurement of industrial pumps for varied industries. The Platform aims to optimize and reduce the time lag that occurs from the moment an RFQ is raised by a customer to the retailers/ distributors from the OEMs. The platform aims to use advanced prediction modeling based on the customer's specific industry to mitigate any logistical and procurement.


SubSweeper actively curates user behaviors, monitors spending habits, and tracks expired trials along with new charges. Additionally, it provides services to negotiate invoices and bills, addressing discrepancies and other service-related issues, ensuring users manage their subscriptions efficiently and save money.


Revolutionize small business logistics with QDee's ultra-fast, secure delivery services. Reduce costs using our intelligent, carbon-negative fleet, complete with real-time tracking, QR code updates, and multi-location capabilities. Benefit from easy catalog uploads and photo delivery confirmation. Choose QDee for reliable, convenient, and affordable shipping solutions that align with your business goals.

Kea Care

Kea.care is developing hyperlocal care communities, offering a suite of family care services that include consumer matching and payment solutions. Our platform focuses on urgent, stop-gap care arrangements, providing quick access for families without the time for detailed evaluations. This ensures immediate, reliable support when it's most needed, streamlining the process of finding trustworthy care.

Builderstreat Solutions

Builderstreat is a premier technology and waste management consultancy, dedicated to pioneering solutions for the construction and demolition sector. We prioritize optimizing C&D processes within the circular economy framework, leveraging our knowledge to convert waste into valuable assets, delivering both economic and environmental advantages for our clients.


PredictorMT employs advanced predictive maintenance technology, heavily relying on IoT and various condition-monitoring equipment such as infrared thermography, acoustic monitoring, and vibration analysis. These tools enable real-time analysis of asset performance, facilitating proactive maintenance interventions to ensure optimal operational efficiency and minimize downtime.